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The artist Helena Hötzl Setterström and the writer Maria Andersson, two creative souls who are passionate about creating expression in images and text, met for the first time on a cold December day. They had a common vision to bring art to life and with a passion for women's rights and their stories, WOMEN IN ART soon became a reality.

For over a year, Helena painted several works depicting women. Maria gave them life and created their history after she got to know each one of them. Soon they had a number of stories that both touched and empowered, and the expression in the art book began to take shape.

WOMEN IN ART are short stories about women in different social classes, cultures and eras. It is with love for art, literature and women in focus that we present an art book in a completely new and unique way. The book is aimed at both those interested in art and those with a passion for storytelling.

Author: Maria Andersson

Illustrator: Helena Hötzl Setterström

Designer: Mattias Norén

Language Swedish

Weight: 442 grams

Issued: 2022-10-28

Publisher: Visto Publishers

Number of pages: 105

"Women in art" book

kr349.00 Regular Price
kr200.00Sale Price
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